Tips for traveling with kids

When we first had twins, we committed to not let the fact that there were two of them slow us down from doing the things we loved. When they were only 4 months old, we took them on a road trip up the coast of California. I have this great memory of us wine tasting with twins in our front packs. (I'll apologize now to the other people on that wine tour). Over the last 9 years, we have taken the girls to Yosemite, Yellowstone, Hawaii, Colorado, and countless other camping trips. I have picked up a few traveling trips over the years.

1. Leave them at home with Grandma. :)

2. If you can't leave them, then make sure to bring the entertainment. Some of my 'go-to's' include:

  • Silly putty (just make sure to get it back in it's container before they fall asleep...silly putty in the car seat is no fun to clean)

  • Water Wow Activity Pads (these will keep them entertained forrreeeever),

  • Road Trip Atlas (Great for preventing older kids from asking "are we there yet" a million times).

  • Tablets. Seriously, how did our parents survive road trips without these? Just be sure to have separate headphones for each kid.

3. Bring lots of snacks and wipes everywhere you go. This is basically the golden rule of parenting. They WILL turn into ferocious monsters and spill juice all over themselves the second you run out of either of these.

4. And of course, when you are packing their clothes, roll them into outfits (including underwear & socks) and secure them with a Meeband. Throw an extra bundled outfit in your diaper bag or car just in case.

What are some of your favorite travel tips?

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